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Cycles Inside Cycles : [WPPE] : Spanish Regional Aggregation

by Gadea, Maria Dolores | Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung | Gomez Loscos, Ana | Montanes, Antonio.

Publisher: Wien : Wifo 2011Online access: WIFO PUBLICATIONS DATABASE Availability: Items available for loan: WIFO [Call number: 25.272/390] (2).
Economic Forecasting

by Carnot, Nicolas | Koen, Vincent | Tissot, Bruno.

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan 2005Availability: Items available for loan: WIFO [Call number: 34.113] (1).
Konjunkturindikatoren Fakten, Analysen, Verwendung Zweite, durchgesehene Auflage

by Oppenländer Karl Heinrich [(ed.)].

Publisher: München : Oldenbourg 1996Availability: No items available
Konjunktur : Stilisierte Fakten, Theorien, Prognose

by Tichy, Gunther.

Edition: Zweite, völlig neu bearbeitete AuflagePublisher: Berlin : Springer 1994Availability: Items available for loan: WIFO [Call number: 28.972] (1).
Forecasting Financial and Economic Cycles

by Niemira, Michael P | Klein, Philip A.

Publisher: New York : John Wiley 1994Availability: No items available
Booms and Recessions in a Noisy Economy

by Hall, Robert E.

Publisher: New Haven : Yale University Press 1991Availability: Items available for loan: WIFO [Call number: 27.817] (1).
Leading economic indicators New approaches and forecasting records

by Lahiri Kajal [(ed.)] | Moore Geoffrey H [(ed.)].

Publisher: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 1991Availability: No items available
New Composite Indicators and Long-term Analysis of the Business Cycle

by Culity, J.P | Moore, G.H | Piatier, A | Goldrian, G.

Publisher: München : Ciret 1988Availability: No items available
Business Cycles, Inflation, and Forecasting

by Moore, Geoffres H | National Bureau of Economic Research.

Publisher: Cambridge : Ballinger Publishing Company 1980Availability: Items available for loan: WIFO [Call number: 35.175] (1).
Konjunkturschwankungen : Theorie, Messung, Prognose

by Tichy, Gunther J.

Publisher: Berlin : Springer-Verlag 1976Availability: Items available for loan: WIFO [Call number: 22.994] (2).
Is the Business Cycle Obsolete? : Based on a Conference of the Social Scinece Research Council Committee on Economic Stability

by Bronfenbrenner, Martin.

Publisher: New York : Wiley 1969Availability: Items available for loan: WIFO [Call number: 20.739] (1).
Konjunktur- und Beschäftigungstheorie

by Weber, Wilhelm [(ed.)].

Publisher: Köln : Kiepenheuer & Witsch 1967Availability: Items available for loan: WIFO [Call number: 19.487] (1).

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