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European Banking : Efficiency, Technology and Growth

by Goddard, John A | Molyneux, Philip | Wilson, John O.S.

Publisher: Chichester : John Wiley & Sons 2001Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 33.425] (1).

Europäische Bankengeschichte : i.A.: des Wissenschaftl.Beirats d.Inst.f.bankhist.Forschung

by Bonin, Hubert | Pohl Hans [(ed.)] | Born, Karl Erich | Büschgen, Hans E.

Publisher: Frankfurt : Fritz Knapp Verlag 1993Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 28.645] (1).

Banking for People Social Banking and New Poverty Consumer Debts and Unemployment in Europe - National Reports

by Reifner Udo [(ed.)] | Ford Janet [(ed.)].

Publisher: Berlin : Walter de Gruyter 1992Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 28.507] (1).

Financial Institutions in Europe under New Competitive Conditions

by Fair Donald E [(ed.)] | Boissieu Christian de [(ed.)].

Publisher: Dordrecht : Kluwer 1990Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 27.913] (1).

Universal Banks: The Prototype of Successful Banks in the Integrated European Market? A View Inspired by German Experience

by Steinherr, Alfred | Centre for European Policy Studies [(ed.)] | Huveneers, Christian.

Publisher: Brussels : CEPS 008|7||Availability: Items available for loan: [Call number: 27.550] (1).

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